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The procedures, outcomes and strategies in Federal Courts are often different from state courts.

Federal crimes typically have more severe sentences (they follow Federal sentencing guidelines) and very high conviction rate. I have practiced law in U.S. District Court, have had cases appealed to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and have the experience and ability to obtain the right result.

Federal Judge Signing a Plea BargainI have over 30 years of experience working as a criminal defense lawyer. I have worked on cases that were dismissed, that had charges dropped, that yielded sentence reductions, favorable plea agreements, mistrials and not guilty verdicts.

Unfortunately, I have had clients whose only option was to plead guilty based upon the strength of the government’s case, which required mitigation arguments to secure the shortest sentence possible.

When Defending You I Will:

  1. Thoroughly investigate your case
  2. Determine whether any evidence against you may have been obtained illegally
  3. Interview all parties involved
  4. Negotiate reduced charges or penalties with the prosecution, if possible

I offer a no-cost initial consultation, providing you with a realistic appraisal of your legal situation, the penalties you are facing, and your options when charged with a crime in the Federal system.

Some typical Federal crimes that my team and I work on are:

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