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DUI/OVI Defense Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Drinking and driving is a serious offense. If you have been charged with a DUI/OVI, it is important that you protect yourself by hiring an experienced defense lawyer.

Drunk Driving is Expensive.

The costs of having your driver’s license reinstated, the bail to get out of jail, the potential fines and the time you have to take off work can be very costly.If you are convicted, the judge assigned to the case is required to impose mandatory sanctions, including fines, a driver’s license suspension, and jail or an approved drug/alcohol program. Roll of money on a scale representing the legal system








A DUI/OVI in Columbus, Ohio
costs, on average almost $10,000.00

Reduce The Costs of OVI With An Experienced Defense Attorney

The Ohio Revised Code deals with DUI/OVI in Chapter 4511.19. That statue is approximately 10,000 words in length and 17 pages. It provides the legal definition for being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. It also suggests to the experienced defense lawyer possible defenses to the charge.

Glass full of beer next to car keysThe law as it applies to your individual case varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, be it an arrest at OSU, by the Franklin County Sheriff or the Columbus Police. A review of this case law is required to provide you with the best possible outcome.

I’ll work with you to make it easy to understand the charges against you and the defenses you may have. I’ll ensure your rights are protected and challenge any evidence illegally obtained.

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